Cute Hairstyles for the First Date


Now he asks you out for a date and this is going to be a crucial night. After choosing your outfit and makeup, you need to decide on the right hairstyle as well. If you choose right, he will see you as the sweetest person, and he won’t let you go. He is probably going to be your boyfriend. Check out these ideas for inspiration.

  1. Loose Style for Wavy Hair

This style allows you to let loose most of your hair while you tuck in a little on the back. Some of it is neatly braided for a little twist. This style shows the bauty of your long and wavy hair, letting it shows off its natural shine. It looks cute at the same time you don’t look like trying too hard to look good.

  1. Braided Messy Ponytail

This isn’t like the usual ponytail that seems too plain today. It still gathers up your hair to the back. You’ll need to make a medium braid on the side and gather it to the back as well, and let it loses naturally there. To add some volume, you need to scrub a little on your top head hair so it doesn’t look flat.

  1. Side Swept Braids

This hairstyle looks amazing in any outfit from racy to casual. Basically, you let your hair fall down naturally and showing off its natural shine. For a little twist and accent, make two medium braids and side swept it to the back and pin them there. Now you look stylish and casual. You’ll look well fit anywhere he takes you.

  1. Fishtail Braid

This is a perfect hairstyle for the long hair. Take some of the front hair and make braids with it. Pull the braids to the back with the rest of the hair and tie them together. Braid the rest of the hair in fishtail style and take off the tie. It gives you casual yet neat look the whole evening.

  1. Wavy Twist

This style makes sure you look neat and tidy but not too uptight. Divide your hair into four parts at least and twist them before pinning them to the back. For the final touch, pull some of the hair a little to create the loose look. It is best to curl your hair first before creating this style.  

As you can see, there are more than enough styles that you can try. All of them give you neat yet sweet look. You don’t look up tight and trying too hard. Instead, you look fun and very stylish. He’ll get mesmerized on how you look.